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Guidelines to Restart Scouting Safely

The care and protection of our Scouts, families, and leaders are always the top priority. Scouting is coming back together in a safe and measured way. As we collectively get more comfortable with hosting programs and meetings, please familiarize yourself with the Restart Scouting Safely Planning Guide. Be overly mindful of:

  • Masks are always on when social distancing (six-feet or more) can’t be consistently maintained. 
  • Scouts of all ages, particularly those young Cub Scouts really want to be close to their friends and buddies. Continue to advocate social distancing. 
  • Contract Tracing is key. Should there be an exposure within your Scouting unit, having the names of the individuals that attended that meeting or program is essential. Keep rosters as this makes the process much easier in reporting and keeps all parties safe. 
  • Many Scouting units have resumed their activities outdoors in church parking lots and parks. This is a great option as the summer and early-fall months have favorable weather. However, as we make our way into the colder months, think about how your unit will continue to meet. Have conversations now with your chartered organization about a plan for meeting indoors. With some chartered organizations not having ample room, a Scouting unit may have to augment how and when dens or patrols meet so that Scouts can continue on their journey.

The ‘Restart Scouting Safely’ plan provides mitigation protocols for overnight experiences, food preparation, and reporting detail in the event of a COVID-19 exposure during a Scouting meeting, activity, or camping experience and is based around a county’s ‘Risk of Spread’ level (1-4).

We encourage the continued movement to allow Scouts to meet again in a safe manner, observing these guidelines as you restart your Scouting experience. The National BSA Organization has offered additional guidance for a safe restart and that can be found by CLICKING HERE

Should you have questions regarding the safe restart of Scouting in your unit, please email by CLICKING HERE.

The October 30, 2020 update includes changes to camp operations and additional instructions for contact Tracing. For contact tracing purposed, please make sure that good email addresses and names are collected for ALL individuals who might be attending a unit meeting. This includes Scouts, Leaders, Guests, Visitors, Grandparents, and anybody else who walks in the door. Additionally, have a policy that every person must check in with the designated attendance taker. This will make contact tracing easier should there be an exposure reported.