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Cricket Holler Scout Camp

Cricket Holler has a rich history and is a unique property of the Miami Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. Cricket Holler was established in the 1920s, shortly after the formation of the council. The property expanded its camping offerings and by the 1940s, 15 three-sided camping structures, known as Adirondacks, were erected to provide a unique camping experience to the growing population of Scouts and Scouters.

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Adirondack Restoration Program

The structures continue to see use today; however, they need restoration after generations of use from thousands of Scouts, both locally and those Scouts visiting the greater Dayton area and using Cricket Holler as a base for their adventures. The Adirondacks are ideal for Scouts as it offers a primitive camping experience while using limited camping gear and equipment.

During the 100th anniversary of the Miami Valley Council in 2018, a renewed focus was launched to make improvements to facilities and structures at Cricket Holler that are most utilized by today’s Scouts; the Adirondacks are among them.

What is Included?

Included with each Adirondack restoration are the following:

  • A new roof kit:
    • new trusses where needed
    • new roof decking
    • new hunter green metal roof
  • Replacement of rotten boards and siding
  • Repairing or replacing bunks where needed
  • Staining of exterior
  • Repair of concrete pad where needed

How much does it Cost?

Your gift of $5,000 goes directly to covering the expense of materials and labor associated with each Adirondack’s restoration. Additionally, a portion of your gift is set aside for future maintenance needs.

How do we say thank you?

Each restored Adirondack will include an embossed metal plaque with wording of your choice. Adopting an Adirondack is a great way to remember a loved one, thank someone for their service, or recognize an individual’s accomplishment. Additionally, you will receive a handsomely framed commemorative picture of the historic ‘K-Lodge’ at Cricket Holler, designed in a Vintage Scout poster style. Adopting an Adirondack continues the legacy of Scouting by allowing a new generation of Scouts to be prepared for their lives of Leadership, Character, and Service.


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